Diffusion Furnace Series

Diffusion Furnace Series

Diffusion furnace is a kind of heat processing equipment for wafers treatment such as diffusion, oxidization, anneal, alloy and sinterin which are using in semiconductor , solar battery ,discrete devices, photoelectronic, power electronic and large scale integrated circuits and soon. It is suitable for the wafer of 2-8 inch.

Key Parameters

O.D of process tube2-8 inches
Quantity of process tube1-4 tubes/set
Working temperature range400-1290℃
Length & precision of constant temp.Zone800℃<working temp<1290℃: ±0.5℃
600℃≤working temp.≤800℃: ±1℃
Single point temperature stabillity800℃<working temp.<1290℃: ±0.5℃/24h
600℃≤working temp.≤800℃: ±0.5℃/24h
Max speed of temp.lncrease16℃/min
Max speed of temp.Decrease5℃/min
Gas flow accuracy±0.5%FS
Gas line tight1×10-7 Pa.m3 /s
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Control System features

  • Storing multiple processing recipes with multiple steps for each
  • Automatic control with recipe
  • Pause/Continue function in auto-mode process
  • Ability to jump forcibly to every step in process
  • PID parameters Auto-Adjust
  • Storing multiple groups of PID parameters for running
  • System malfunction detection
  • Process gas program control function
  • Continuous operation at break point after power-off, etc
  • With high reliability main elements
  • With independent intellectual property rights of the software system and reasonable HMI
  • With multipoint temperature compensation
  • With fault alarm and Interlock protection
  • With historical records
  • Functions might be added/deducted or developed according to the demands of customers